Innovations & Awards

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Did you know that Bunge Loders Croklaan:

  • Created Coberine®, the first cocoa butter equivalent?
  • Created Couva® 850 NH, the first trans-fat-free cocoa butter replacer?
  • Invented Betapol®, a breakthrough fat for the infant nutrition industry?
  • Brought the first palm-based alternatives for trans-fat-containing shortenings to the US market?
  • Won Food Ingredients Europe awards for Prestine® in 1994 and Cotebar® in 2001?
  • Won the Institute for Food Technologists’ award for SansTrans VLS 30 and 40 in 2011?
  • Won a “highly recommended” status for Creamelt® 500 at the Gulfood show in 2012?
  • Won the Food Ingredients Europe award for most innovative confectionery ingredient with CristalGreen® in 2013?
  • Was a Food Ingredients Europe award finalist with Creamelt®Stand in 2015?
  • Created Biscuitine®Balance 77 for bakery products providing excellent volume and texture at low levels of saturated fat?
  • Has received accolades for many other breakthroughs and product developments?
  • Was a Food Ingredients Europe award finalist with Presdough 270SB in 2017?