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Awards & Recognition, Innovation

Channahon, IL -- The 2011 IFT Food Expo Innovation Awards program—which was inaugurated in 2007—is designed to honor outstanding innovation in products, ingredients, applications, instruments, equipment, technology, and services. The program was only open to companies exhibiting at the 2011 IFT Food Expo in New Orleans.

IFT Incoming President Roger Clemens and IFT President-Elect John Ruff presented IOI Loders Croklaan the IFT 2011 Food Expo Innovation Award on Sunday, June 12th at the opening keynote session and was accepted by Dr. Gerald McNeill, V.P. of Research and Development for IOI Loders Croklaan.

A panelist of nine from industry and academia with expertise in ingredients, product development, processing and packaging technology, microbiology, and food safety reviewed all entries. Judging criteria included:

  • Degree of innovation
  • Solves a problem relevant to food science and technology
  • Technical advancement
  • Benefits to food manufacturers
  • Benefits to consumers
  • Scientific merit

One judge stated, “This particular innovation provides support to the food industry as well as addresses the most vulnerable consumer, along with those who are more likely to indulge in baked items. This ingredient allows consumers some permissibility, while addressing the trans fat issue, as well as the reduction in fat in the formulations by as much as 15%.”

Dr. Gerald McNeill, V.P. of R&D, says: “Loders Croklaan has almost 100 years experience in the manufacture of functional edible oils and fats. Having previously received international awards for innovations in the chocolate and confectionery fields, Loders Croklaan is honored to receive the prestigious IFT Innovation Award 2011 for its recent creative efforts in the field of bakery fats and shortenings.”